Complete Tier-1 Outage Remediation Services

Resilient Tier-1 Outage Remediation

Experiencing outages is inevitable. Prepare for the unexpected with tier-1 outage remediation services ready to handle anything that comes up, no matter the time of day.

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Complete Tier-1 Outage Remediation Services


Restarting Applications Icons                                               Rebooting Servers Icon                                               Opening Carrier/ISP/Vendor Tickets Icon

Restarting Applications                                      Rebooting Servers                                   Opening Carrier/ISP/Vendor Tickets

Resetting Interfaces Icon                                                Resetting Passwords Icon                                              Remote Triage Icon

Resetting Interfaces                                        Resetting Passwords                                             Remote Triage

iGlass NetworksClear Roles and Responsibilities

We get to know your business and the most common issues that come up. Together, we’ll develop runbooks to guide our tier-1 outage remediation efforts, including procedures for every anticipated scenario and step-by-step decision trees to determine the most effective course of action.

“Their NOC creates tickets with our carriers and works the problems through to resolution. We no longer have to wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning to check our email just to make sure everything is still working.”

iGlass Networks

Our Outage Remediation Ages Well

Our runbooks evolve and grow to serve you better as we gain experience with your systems and staff. We find what works and alter what needs improvement, taking on as much tier-1 outage remediation as needed, whether that’s 24×7 or just after-hours.

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Carrier Tickets, Restarts, and Reboots

When circuits go down or start showing performance degradation, we can open carrier tickets via phone, internet portal, email, or any other method the carrier supports. Plus, since our monitoring server sits on your network, we have quick and direct access to restart applications and/or reboot servers as needed.

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…and So Much More

If we can develop standard operating procedures with you, we can add them to your runbook. Our tier-1 outage remediation can cover anything from password resets and opening hardware vendor tickets, to coordinating activities with remote hands and performing remote site access control.

Tier 1 Outage Flow
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