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Founded in 1994 and headquartered in New York NY, ATS serves small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. ATS will manage or co-manage your IT function, integrating computer networks, infrastructure, data and security systems to help you operate your organization as efficiently as possible



I-Network Monitor can benefit your business by protecting your servers and PCs from:

Breached Network Security
Virus Vulnerability
Hard Drive Errors/Failures
Memory Issues
Backup Failure
Poor System Health



Don’t Let it Happen to Your Business!  ATS-Remote Backup can benefit your business in many ways:

Eliminate loss of business and down time
Preserve mission critical data in case of other failed backups
After hours backup to keep system resources available throughout the work day


All businesses have the same concern when it comes to IT support: they want fewer problems and faster recovery.

ATS’s IT Managed Services programs are the result of thousands of hours of research, development, integration, and IT consulting. Each program is designed to prevent problems, create efficiencies, and provide proactive quality assurance. When problems do arise, our proven processes and technologies help to correct them faster.

The result: minimal disruption, minimal downtime, maximum efficiency.


Our Secure producst are a highly automated solution designed to address security concerns as their most probable entry points. This is accomplished by inspecting data as it passes into and out of your network, filtering requests that users are making from their computers, and inspecting software in real time as computers encounter it. This multifaceted approach to security greatly reduces the risk that an attack is executed successfully. Most of these attacks are designed to take advantage of known vulnerabilities. Systematically shutting these down with ATS SECUREIT will thwart the vast majority of threats, greatly reducing the risk to your organization’s data.

IT Design/Build Services

ATS can help move existing IT infrastructure to a new facility, or help plan and manage new IT infrastructure deployments. ATS’s build and design services ease the stress associated with new construction.

Summary of our IT Design Build Services:

  • Single point of contact for all technology needs
  • Regular conference calls with key players
  • Onsite meetings when needed
  • Liaison between owners and vendors to ensure the proper technical solutions are being purchased
  • Product comparisons from IT perspective
  • Consultation with the owners regarding technology plans to ensure IT investments are leveraged to the fullest extent

Leverage the cloud

Cloud hosting and computing are increasing in popularity for businesses … and it’s no surprise when you look at the efficiency and flexibility it provides. By utilizing virtual servers through the Internet, cloud-optimized networks maintain continuous access and data backup. Best of all, ATS makes cloud hosting and computing extremely cost-effective for small to mid-sized businesses.

Network Support

Full Service Network Support that is 100% Customer Support Driven

When it comes to building IT network support services, no two organizations have the exact same needs. That’s why we created ATS365® as a highly flexible service plan designed to make it simple for your organization to plan and budget for the necessary IT services.


On-site IT services enable you to connect your organization’s devices efficiently while ensuring network stability. If you’re looking for efficient and reliable networking support services, our on-site IT support is your trusted partner

Industry-leader in providing on-site IT support

We are an industry-leader in providing on-site IT support for small businesses. Our approach to providing successful IT network support services is proactive, ensuring your organization is equipped for the present and prepared for the future. We offer full, high-level advisory and consulting services as part of every engagement.We don’t hide in a data center; we work directly with you through on-site IT support delivering both desktop and network server support.

Network Centralized Management

If you currently have on-site IT support and are currently looking into a Cloud strategy to provide IT network suport services, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll even recommend which in-house systems should be transitioned to the Cloud – and which ones shouldn’t.

Networking Assestments

Gain valuable information and insights on your networks assets and equipment

Cyber Security

Protect your network from hackers and attacks

Network Installation

ATS is partnered with Cisco and Sophos to give you the best in engineering services

Data Runs

Installing new cabling in offices,buildings, and departments

Multi-Tiered Support

ATS Offers Service Contracts and Project Based Proposals

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