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A healthy server is a happy server

Anyone who operates a small business knows what headaches and potentially costly expenses can arise when servers fail. As the central nervous system of your enterprise, your server keeps all components and departments, including your email, your operating systems, a variety of files and various processes, connected and running seamlessly.

Servers are susceptible to nasty viruses and dreaded malware, and are prone to overheating, as well. Compromised servers can crash and cause extensive damage that can grind productivity to a halt, wasting precious human resources and causing potential loss of business. Additionally, continuity in the customer experience builds loyalty from your clients.


ATS offers a full line of server solutions

Because a full-time IT team doesn’t really fit into most small business plans, the threat of server and computer system repairs and maintenance can be a daunting challenge. Computer repair companies can be expensive and wait times for server repairs can add to the frustration of a non-functioning office. All of these worries will disappear when you work with ATS because we offer a more personal approach than other major service providers. We are able to provide the nationwide service and support you need at an affordable rate with a 24-hour turnaround.


In order to help your business move in the direction of growth, you will need to be able to rely on your server and the technicians working on your server. ATS is available to assist your business with its server issues 24/7. Our experienced and qualified techs are available nationwide. They will work with you to ensure all of your concerns are addressed. We are just a phone call away and can assist with the following:

Security Protection

With ATS, you have a new security foundation to protect against malicious threats that target server firmware, resulting in denial of service and data loss.

Firmware threat detection, With ATS threat detection, you will know on a daily basis whether your firmware has been compromised. In the event of a breach, you can automatically recover to a known trusted state and quickly get your sever operational again. Server data security Data protection shouldn’t be limited to data in the network. By implementing the highest level of security algorithms,  you can keep your most confidential information within your server protected.


If your company or enterprise is looking to optimize its servers by consolidation or virtualization, ATS offers the most advanced solution in the industry. By optimizing server infrastructure resources and enabling seamless consolidation and high scalability, ATS’s application delivery solution drives productivity and return on investment.

The complete suite offers the following comprehensive set of features, which are essential to effective server optimization, especially over multiple data centers:

  • Global Redirection
  • QoS Enforcement/Traffic Shaping
  • On Demand Throughput & Scalability
  • Web & Image Compression
  • Caching
  • SSL Offloading
  • TCP Multiplexing
  • TCP Optimization
  • Web Application Firewall
  • XML Acceleration/Security
  • Multi-WAN Switching
  • Integrated IPS & DoS Protection
  • Real-Time Signature Protection

Hardware/Software Upgrades

You should ALWAYS contact ATS support whenever you are planning to migrate to a new server. There are a number of elements that must be addressed to ensure a smooth transition of ATS to a new server, so we have established a standard protocol for working with your technical personnel or outside IT company in this process.

  1. Upon receiving notification that you are planning to move to a new server, our Server Modification Request document will be provided to you. The form should be fully completed for each server being moved by your IT professional and returned to us.
  2. After the completed form is received, a migration planning meeting will be scheduled with a company representative, your IT professional and a qualified ATS technician.
  3. The outcome of the planning meeting is a project plan document that will delineate all the technical steps involved in the migration including identifying all processes which will need to be installed/configured on the new server(s), and who is accountable for which steps (i.e. Client, ATS, or IT service provider).
  4. Once the planning is completed, the actual migration must be scheduled at a mutually acceptable time for all parties (usually after hours).

This process can take several weeks to allow adequate time for testing and scheduling of the final conversion. Please plan accordingly.

Note that server modification and migration services are not part of your ATS application support and are billable hourly with a minimum 4 hour charge.

Hardware/Software Support

A Leading Server Management Company specialized in 24/7  Support, ATS server support, Linux, Windows, Game, cPanel Server, Plesk Server, Administration & Monitoring, Helpdesk Support, Remote Infrastructure Management, NOC support, Cloud Support and Enterprise Security Services. With over 20 years of experience in working with major Data Centers, Webhosting and IT companies with 130+ Experienced System Administrators, ATS continues to manage, monitor and provide solutions to our customers

Data Backup

The ATS Backup Solutions provides you with an extremely high value, Hosted Backup Solution that has earned the trust of our customers

Server-side restores
Full backup account management
Account storage location
Suspension, retention & deletion
Including password recovery
SQL and Exchange Backups
AES 256 bit Encryption
The only solution for PCI DSS compliant online backup

Disaster Recovery

A Sudden IT Outage Can Hurt Your Business. Are You Prepared?
Human error, software & equipment failure, malware, fire, and natural disasters can strike any business at any time. IT Disaster Recovery as a Service ensures your business will continue to operate.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service will:
Protect your critical business systems from an unexpected outage, getting them back up fast
Ensure that your data is always available and secure
Let you continue operations even if your physical premises are damaged
Give you the peace of mind that comes with assured IT Business Continuity

Why Disaster Recovery Services Are Critical
It’s never pleasant to imagine the worst-case scenarios. However, prudent IT disaster recovery planning is a vital process that every company and organization should take to ensure continuity of computing operations in the event disaster strikes.

ATS’s backup and disaster recovery solutions go a long way toward mitigating the risks to your business by ensuring that your data will always continue to flow, no matter what the circumstances.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning is Essential For Every Business
Since a critical emergency can hit you at any time, your business continuity depends on having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to minimize the impact of an unforeseen calamity.

This set of procedures will outline roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster, and act as a roadmap to getting you back up to operational status as quickly as possible.

In addition to To ATS’s IT disaster recovery services, we offer disaster recovery planning to help ensure that your business is ready to weather any disruption. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you put a disaster recovery plan in place that will be ready to spring into action at the first sign of an emergency, giving your business added flexibility and agility.

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