ATS is more than a managed services provider. We’re the go-to partner to intelligently monitor your network, servers, applications, and websites around the clock.

Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to ATS

Whether you’re tired of false alerts, looking to improve reliability and uptime, or need an MSP partnership, our U.S.-based NOC engineers monitor your network and resolve outages 24×7 so you can focus on your business. Our Internet portal is customized for your needs, giving you visibility into the health and operation of your network at any time, from anywhere.

Our Services

We get you up and running quickly and easily, so your onboarding takes weeks, not months. All you provide is access to your network. We provide you with our customized platform and expert NOC personnel (not to mention priceless peace of mind).

Network Monitoring

we monitor your network 24×7 so you don’t have to. With our services, you’ll always have eyes on your network—even during off hours or when your staff are not on-site.

Application Monitoring Services

Sluggish performance? Downtime unacceptable? Queues getting full? Our application monitoring detects and diagnoses problems.

Server Monitoring

We monitor the heart of your infrastructure—whether physical or virtual, leased or owned, we ensure the health, operation, and uptime of your servers. It’s time to take your server performance monitoring to the next level.

Resilient Tier-1 Outage Remediation

Experiencing outages is inevitable. Prepare for the unexpected with tier-1 outage remediation services ready to handle anything that comes up, no matter the time of day.

Proactive Website Monitoring Services

The best way to keep your website operating at peak performance is to be proactive, working to fix errors before they impact your business. You need a reliable partner who understands the importance of thorough website monitoring to keep things up and running smoothly, 24×7.

Software Patches

ATS can control what patches gets updated in your environment.

Customized for Your Needs

Complete Control Anytime, Anywhere

Our web-based portal is customized for your needs, giving you visibility into the health and operation of your network at any time, from anywhere.

Manage multiple devices

Receive and review alerts

Establish runbooks for mutually agreed process

Restart applications and services

The ATS Advantage

24×7 NOC Engineer Support
“We could not recreate this internally at the same price point. To run a 24×7 operation with at least two people on staff at all times, we would require a 13-person NOC. With ATS, the cost is less than one FTE. That’s as much of a no-brainer as one can get.”


100% U.S.-Based Staff

“ATS has not missed a beat and when we get called it is because we know there is a problem. […] Our customers depend on this service.”


100k+ Monitored Hosts

“(ATS) is not only used for our Cable and Internet businesses, our Electric Utility Control Room operators utilize the system-wide mapping tool to identify power issues in the plant. The ATS system has proven to be an invaluable resource at a very competitive price.”


Cost effective protection for your IT

ATS Can save your company money and catch failures before they become a huge problem

Network upgrades

ATS can monitor your warranty status and End of Life before they approach. Once they do We can put a plan together for network upgrades

ATS Support


Around the clock eyes on your critical systems, Cost effective protection for your IT ,100% ITIL certified NOC staff ,Server and application management ,Workflow management, Flexible service options ,Network upgrades

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