ATS Partnered with SecuredStore that offers business continuity solutions that protect, manage and recover your data in the event of disaster.

When it comes to disaster, it can strike in many different shapes and sizes. Be it natural or Deliberate, ATS will preserve the integrity of your data, keeping your staff performing and your data safe.



Struggling to keep your company data safe? ATS has a solution to watch over your data, ensuring that it is accessible to those who need it and locked from those who don’t.

  • Put an end to your worries about natural and manmade disasters with tailor-made strategies for full service Data Backup
  • Say goodbye to error-prone tape backups with our modern, automated business continuity solutions
  • Automate the backup process, so your data isn’t out of sight or out of mind.



40 percent of businesses never recover from disaster. Don’t be a statistic. ATS creates a comprehensive recovery solution that maintains all aspects of your business.

  • Free yourself from costly downtime and work while your data is restored.
  • Virtualize your server in the event of failure
  • Image your data to an on-site backup unit every 15 minutes