About Us

ATS was formed in 1994 with the same mission as today. Our founder, Vincent E.Nicotra , saw an opportunity in providing high quality managed IT services and network support to firms where quality matters most – the organizations that rely heavily on information technology and high levels of services. Over the years, ATS has built client trust that has lasted for years and years. As time goes forward, our consultative approach resonates well, and our “corporate knowledge” about our clients’ IT operations helps our clients perform at a higher level.

In 1994, Technology was changing from DOS based infrastructure to a newly formed GUI Microsoft Environment. In 1994, we were building websites to run on Mosaic, html, working with Corel Designs and Frontpage. JavaScript did not exist. A 56Kbps line was the most common fixed rate bandwidth available.

In 1997, Vincent E. Nicotra passed away and his Son took over operations. Growing The company and expanded markets to service technology in the Healthcare Industry

2014 marked our 20th anniversary. We continue to remain profitable with steady growth. This track record is the result of our enduring client-focused, consultative, and knowledgeable approach.

Today, we added managed hosting & cloud solution branded SecuredStore and web design & development as formal business units to our service offerings. Along with our managed IT services & network support and IT strategy consulting, these service groups allowed us to offer our clients comprehensive IT support, tailored to client needs.

ATS is not only a leader in IT services but also , delivering services to organizations across the U.S., and routinely support users in every time zone around the world.

Where We Are Going

Technology change is a fact of life. Today we are evolving our business to address managed services, a PC-less mobile computing world, the rapid growth of business critical applications, and ubiquitous bandwidth. We are delivering IaaS and exploring PaaS, while advising more clients on how to transition to the cloud.

Our promise to you and to ourselves is that we will continue to seek out and gain deep expertise about the most relevant technologies to keep you moving forward.